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SEO & Lead Gen Spam

SEO VixenIt’s been a long time since I decided to create a new post, this one will be about Search Engine Optimization and how some digital marketers are becoming the new source of spam in going after customers for Google, Yahoo & Bing rankings. For the record we use Overflow for SEO and we’re happy!

Props to Gmail and the Google staff and all of the spam cops out there for doing their job well on the email spam front.

I’m sorry that it’s been so long, since I last wrote to you. I’ve been fighting the good fight to combat spam, and honestly the personal email spam I receive has gone way down.

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Fries, Flicks & Fun

Rally's LogoOne of the topics I get the most spam about is entertainment. There’s always someone promoting tickets to a specific show or trying to sell some sort of local rental service.

Why would I ever buy stuff from you if you’re hitting me up with email that I didn’t ask for?

The only company I can think of that got me to use their product after sending a message I didn’t ask for offers Photo Booth Rental in Detroit. I saw an add in my email and then I ended up running into the company at a baseball game. I didn’t have to pay for the photo so that was a plus too. Continue reading