Do You Hate Spam?

spam canIf you’re anything like me, then you hate spam.

(I’m not talking about the mystery meat, I just thought that made for a good photo.)

I get a completely annoying amount of email that I have no idea how it ends up in my inbox.

I’m sure some of it comes from signing up for things at stores, or to get free coupons, but there is still at least 30% of the email that I receive that I know I didn’t sign up for and have no desire to receive it.

This site is my response to all of the terrible crap that gets an instant delete.

On this blog I plan to post about things that I enjoy, things I learn about and stuff I just feel I have to share. However, I promise that I won’t put any of it in your email box. I’ll only post it here. You know why? Because…


If you hate it as much as I do then I know you’ll appreciate my approach.

If there’s anything that you’d like me to write about here you can leave a suggestion on my contact page, but for the most part I’ll be writing about things that I have personally experienced and enjoyed, or maybe even things I didn’t enjoy so much that I think you should watch out for.

This one was just an introduction. Thanks for reading and I’ll back with another post soon.