Fries, Flicks & Fun

Rally's LogoOne of the topics I get the most spam about is entertainment. There’s always someone promoting tickets to a specific show or trying to sell some sort of local rental service.

Why would I ever buy stuff from you if you’re hitting me up with email that I didn’t ask for?

The only company I can think of that got me to use their product after sending a message I didn’t ask for offers Photo Booth Rental in Detroit. I saw an add in my email and then I ended up running into the company at a baseball game. I didn’t have to pay for the photo so that was a plus too.
I think that if you’re going to send that type of spam the messages should be much more about branding then trying to make them personal. I guess I shouldn’t be giving the spammers marketing advice, but I know I’ve been influenced in the past by things that I had no interest in.

Think about TV commercials for fast food that seep into your brain.

I seriously drove over an hour to get a meal from Sonic Hamburgers. I’d never had Sonic before but the commercial was so funny that I made a trip.  I’ve been back several times, though not because I made a specific trip.

I’ve determined that the burgers are pretty good, but the real win at Sonic are the tater tots.  Why is it that more fast food chains don’t offer tater tots? They were a staple in my fridge in high school.

I usually had them baked in the oven instead of fried and I still loved them, but there’s nothing like fresh crispy tater tots. Well, accept for Rally’s fries (or Checkers, if you have those around you it’s the same restaurant).

I seriously think the seasoned fries from Rally’s are the best I’ve ever had in my life.  Their burgers are better than Sonic’s, and I also think I’d take Rally’s fries over Sonic’s tater tots.

It is a pretty good entertainment experience to have the burger roller skated out to your car in the drive in area when the whether here in Michigan will allow.

But ok, I’ve gone off on a serious rant about french fries and tater tots when I really wanted to speak about going to see a show. By show I mean concert.  I think some of those emails come from Stub Hub. I should unsubscribe to their list because they’re always sending me ticket information for shows they think I’d like.

I went to a Tiger’s Game and got the tickets from Stub Hub. It was a great experience but I bet you I forgot to uncheck the little X to let them know I wasn’t interested in receiving their mail about other topics. I don’t live near Detroit so usually whatever they’re sending I’m not all that interested in.

It turned out that the best part about the Tigers game really was the photo booth they had for free in the concession area. I got a photo to keep and also got to share the photo to my Facebook page. We framed the printed photo and have it on the mantle. I never knew a photo booth could take real photos.

I’m so used to small terrible quality strips, but with today’s technology it seems like you can get really good looking photos that come out fast.

That’s my spam free rant for today. I’ll catch you back here soon. Stop spamming!