SEO & Lead Gen Spam

SEO VixenIt’s been a long time since I decided to create a new post, this one will be about Search Engine Optimization and how some digital marketers are becoming the new source of spam in going after customers for Google, Yahoo & Bing rankings. For the record we use Overflow for SEO and we’re happy!

Props to Gmail and the Google staff and all of the spam cops out there for doing their job well on the email spam front.

I’m sorry that it’s been so long, since I last wrote to you. I’ve been fighting the good fight to combat spam, and honestly the personal email spam I receive has gone way down.

Every once in a while I get an Asian character email or an incorrect assumption about how well my lower regions are working, but for the most part I’m pretty happy with my personal email inbox these days.

I honestly don’t think the volume of spam email has gone down, but the blocking systems are doing a good job of sifting it out before I see it.

SEO is the New Issue

Although my personal inbox has been fine, but my business email is flooded with tons of people offering SEO services and that has gotten pretty annoying. They aren’t trying to sell me sexual escapades or prescriptions, but it seems like everyone wants me to believe they can get me to the top of Google and they have the best service in the world.

I’m not quite sure how to combat the issue of this type of spam? It’s really a completely different issue than before. I believe most of the messages are sent by real human beings that are just playing the numbers. They assume that if they reach out to enough people somebody will have a need and they can create a client.

Overflow is the SEO firm that we work with, and we have no intention or desire to switch to another company. We show up just fine for the spam related terms that we’re looking for and we aren’t looking for any other company to reach out, but I don’t feel that’s going to stop the spam from coming.

Lead Generation Emails Too?

In addition to the SEO related spam emails, we often get ones about lead generation. Don’t get me wrong, both of the services are useful. It’s just that when you get 20 emails a day asking you if you need help, and the people reaching out haven’t even done due diligence to figure out if you’re already in a strong position the messages are spam.

If you’re not a business owner, or managing a business email account, it’s likely that you haven’t had to deal with the lead gen or SEO spam messages.  For now enjoy your freedom, as I’m sure the next wave of annoying BS will hit your inbox soon.

Stopping SEO & Lead Gen Spam?

My suggestion for now is just to keep deleting the messages as you receive them, and definitely do not reply or you’ll likely get put into a follow up sequence. You can also put a captcha on any form on your website so that if there isn’t a real person filling out the form they’ll get blocked.

In time we’ll come up with a better way to deal with these issues, and I’ll share that here. For now I just needed to rant. If you’d like to rant as well, head over to our contact form and leave me a message.